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21.12.10: New modules for bevel gears are available

Two new calculation modules for bevel gears are now available. The module "Bevel gears - straight/helical" allows to dimension and calculate the geometry according to ISO 23509 and load capacity according to ISO 10300 of straight and helical bevel gears with different forms of tooth depth. The following forms of tooth depth are possible: DIN cone, standard cone and constant cone (cone with constant tooth depth).

The other module "Spiral bevel gears" allows for calculation of Klingelnberg´s Cyclo-palloid® bevel gears. The geometry calculation is based on ISO 23509 as well as Klingelnberg KN 3028. For the load capacity, ISO 10300 is implemented.
Within the geometry calculation, the manufacturability is automatically checked. The module offers an easy way to find the right machine type. The user can also define individual machine parameters. During the input and selection of values, the user is supported by recommended value ranges as well as warnings and hints. Machines that are not suitable will automatically be highlighted on screen for an easy identification.