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09.11.22: SystemManager: New version with many Innovations

In the latest version of the SystemManager, template files or examples with subdirectories can be structured and also created by the user. Result graphics are no longer only available for individual load elements of a load spectrum, it is now also possible to display all load spectrum elements in one graphic. This is advantageous, for example, for evaluating flank modifications by means of the line load curve over the facewidth.

An axial offset for the gear force can be defined in case the gears are considered as point loads. This axial offset can also be varied within the load spectrum. An axial offset can be defined for masses and imbalances; in this case the distance between the center of mass and the force element. This also allows a center of mass outside of the shaft geometry. For the transfer to the individual calculations from the eAssistant, the gear data for different calculations is now saved for the gear element and thus kept consistent. This simplifies work with gear train systems or multiple meshing operations. When using 3D elastic components, positioning has been made easier and the mesh can be split into several subdomains, e.g. to define different material properties.