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15.09.20: Enhanced Calculation of Cylindrical Gears

The eAssistant calculation module for cylindrical gears was updated.
In addition to various dimensioning functionalities for the distribution of the profile shift, a new function for disconnecting the centre distance from the profile shift was added. By using the function "Fixed working centre distance (recalculation)", the profile shift coefficients can be defined independently from the centre distance. This enables, for example, the calculation of existing gear pairs that are to be installed in the housing with the "wrong" centre distance. Transverse contact ratio, backlash and load capacity are also calculated correctly in this case. This function can also be used for the calculation of small-module gears.

The functionality of tools with shifted profile reference line has been extended. Additionally to the addendum coefficient haMP0* of the shifted profile, the dedendum coefficient hfMP0* is displayed and visible in the calculation report. The dedendum coefficient hfMP0* can also be defined by clicking the "Lock" button so that the dedendum coefficient hfP0* of the converted, non-shifted basic rack profile is always 1.0 according to DIN 867.

The option "Full radius" for the tip form of gear shaper cutters has now also been added to hobs.

For the definition of load spectra, the user can specify the face coefficient KHbeta and the temperature for each load case. This enables the automatic transfer of values directly from the system extension "SystemManager" to the "Cylindrical gear pair" module in the background. The user can see directly the effects of flank modifications on the root and flank safeties of the gear in the system.

In addition to the common calculation methods for the load capacity DIN 3990, ISO 6336 and ANSI/AGMA 2101, the calculation method VDI 2736 for plastic gears was added to the cylindrical gear module.