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16.11.22: SystemManager: Fast Gear Design

In the latest version, the SystemManager offers a proposal function for the quick design of multi-stage cylindrical gear units or individual planetary gear stages.

Using the new "Add system" and "Cylindrical gearbox" functions, a proposal for a multi-stage gear system can now be generated automatically with just a few default parameters, such as number of stages, total gear ratio, input torque and input speed. In other words, the SystemManager automatically builds up a corresponding multi-shaft system with appropriate spur gear stages. This means that the user does not have to build up a structure and individual elements first, but gets them at the push of a button and in the right size right away. The cylindrical gear stages can then be further refined or adapted in terms of design, and the shafts can be further detailed or arranged differently. The suggested shaft diameters are automatically pre-dimensioned for the transmission of the corresponding torques. This makes it easy to place the appropriate rolling bearings from the database directly onto the shafts. This new function enormously simplifies and speeds up the start for the design and further detailed design of multi-stage cylindrical gear units. At the same time, the user is freed from routine work when creating the basic structure of a multi-shaft system.

Analogous to the design layout for multi-stage cylindrical gear units, individual planetary stages can also be pre-dimensioned and automatically set up with just a few default parameters. This also leads to significant time savings during a new design.

The "Import shaft system" function can then be used to assemble several subsystems into a complete system.