Short description

eAssistant - The engineering Assistant

The eAssistant offers a web-based working environment. A project management allows to start the calculation modules. The calculation can be saved either to the eAssistant server or to the workstation and can be opened or assigned to the appropriate projects.

Therefore, the user gets a worldwide access to the eAssistant software from wherever he needs to works: in the office, during a customer meeting or even at home.

Easy Calculations

Various calculation modules are available, e.g., for shafts, cylindrical gears, connections between shaft and hub, springs or toothed drive belts.

Generally accepted standards and guidelines for the calculation are implemented extensively and are related to practice developments, e.g., the strength calculation of shafts is based on DIN 743 (the latest version). The user-friendly calculation modules are characterized by an intuitive handling and dimensioning functions. In particular, we would like to point out the interactive graphics in the shaft calculation. Here, different force elements and bearings can be defined for the shaft calculation. The calculation modules provide material and geometry databases and the user can select standard values during his work very easily. Thus, the user gets the best support as possible.

For a better view, the calculation results are graphical represented. All diagrams are interactive. A simple mouse-click allows to display the appropriate values.


At the end of a calculation, an appropriate report will be created in HTML or PDF format.

The calculation report contains all input data, provides details on the calculation methods as well as detailed results. The report should help to better understand the calculation. The PDF reports may be viewed, printed or saved for archival purposes. The calculation reports are available for a verification procedure at any given time.

With the eAssistant

  • you get the best support as possible during your work
  • you can save investment costs, you just pay for the time you use the calculation service
  • you can work immediately without installation
  • no maintenance is necessary because the latest version is always and everywhere available, no updates are required and service packs are a thing of the past
  • you save valuable time - up to 90% - in comparison with a handwritten calculation
  • you use latest developments of calculation methods

A Qualified Team

GWJ Technology GmbH, based in Braunschweig, is specialized in calculation software for the mechanical engineering, e-business and e-engineering. We have long experience in calculation and software development in the field of mechanical engineering. Extensive knowledge and high quality standards are a part of the development of the eAssistant. In addition to the eAssistant, we would like to support you with our engineering services. Our focus is on the field of drive technology: from high-speed shafts to the optimizing of gearings.

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