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23.11.22: SystemManager: Extended CAD Import

For the import of CAD data, e.g. in STEP format for 3D elastic parts (meshed FEM components), i.e. for gearbox housings, planet carriers, gear bodies or even complex shaft geometries, there is now a preceding dialog window with 3D view. This enables the deletion or merging of individual components if several components are contained in a STEP file.

Furthermore, parts can be simplified directly during import. Chamfers, fillets and small holes can be easily removed. This reduces the number of mesh elements, which also reduces memory requirements and computing time. This significantly reduces the effort involved in preparing the data in a CAD system before importing it into the system calculation. The preceding dialog window for the CAD import also allows a preview of the meshing, so that it can already be adjusted here if necessary. Furthermore, positioning has been made easier for 3D elastic parts.