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Different companies have different requirements: benefit from a variable cost structure - depending upon the using time or a flat rate for occasional or permanent use.

Why do you invest your money in licenses and maintanance contracts? Why do waste your time with installation or updates?

Pay only for what you use!

Time Limit Accounts

If you have occasional calculation task, then a time limit account is the perfect solution for you. These accounts have no expiration time. As long as you have the time credit, you are allowed to use the eAssistant.more...

Flat Rate Accounts

Do you have tight dead-lines or need to solve frequent calculation problems? Then the eAssistant flat rates are the right and cost-effective choice for you.

If the calculation of machine elements is your daily or weekly business, then you can use our annual subscription.more...

Conditions for Education

To support universities and students during their education is our great concern. We provide an eAssistant free of charge account available for schools, universities and students. more...

Free Test Account

You can test our calculation software eAssistant easily and without any charges or obligation. So, you can see how fast, comfortable and professional the software works.more...