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  • Calculation software for complete systems of machine elements
  • Fast, easy and clear design of systems
  • Multi-shaft systems coupled with gears
  • Axially parallel shaft systems for multi-stage cylindrical gears
  • Concentric shaft systems for planetary gear trains
  • Coaxial shafts
  • Integrated shaft calculation for deflection and bearing forces taking nonlinear bearing stiffness of rolling bearings into account
  • Strength calculation of shafts according to DIN 743 via eAssistant shaft module
  • Integrated rolling bearing calculation to determine the nominal and extended rating life according to DIN ISO 281 including rolling bearing database and lubricant database
  • Rolling bearing calculation with consideration of inner bearing geometry to calculate nominal and extended reference life according to ISO/TS 16281 (extended option)
  • Gear calculation via eAssistant gear and planetary gear train module
  • User interface provides overview over gear safeties and bearing life
  • Load spectra can be defined on system level, bearings and gears will be calculated with the given load spectrum
  • Different switch positions can be defined, consideration of switch positions in load spectrum calculation
  • Load distribution along the facewidth gives an indication of required tooth trace corrections
  • Eigenfrequencies can be calculated on system level including coupling of torsional and bending modes; mode shafts are animated in 3-D for easier identification of modes (extended option)
  • Different result graphics / diagrams, presentation of power flow in 3-D, ...
  • Perpendicular shaft systems with connection to bevel gear module
  • Perpendicular shaft systems with connection to worm gear module


The eAssistant SystemManager is a local application (offline software) and allows for a fast and easy design of complete systems of machine elements. The application ranges from simple systems (e.g., single shaft or coaxial shafts with bearings and loads) to complex systems (e.g., multi-stage gearboxes, manual gearboxes, any types of planetary gear trains).

The SystemManager acts as an add-on to the web-based calculation software eAssistant and there is a direct connection between the SystemManager and the eAssistant software. The cylindrical gear calculation module, for example, can be opened directly within the SystemManager. The cylindrical gear can then be defined with all appropriate data. For calculating the entire system, all necessary eAssistant calculation modules will be used.

In order to use the SystemManager, an eAssistant 12-month flat rate or a TBK license is required. The software is available in German and English.

The eAssistant SystemManager is very simple and intuitive to operate and complex systems can be configured and calculated without much effort and with just a few mouse clicks. Thus, the software can be used during the design or pre-development phase as well as for re-calculation and optimization of systems. The software is not only suitable for large companies, but also for engineering consultants, small or medium-sized businesses and for training and teaching.