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Test account

We offer you a free test account. The account provides a time credit of five hours to test the eAssistant software without any charges or obligation. The five hours have to be used up within 30 days, otherwise the account will expire and no longer be valid. After registration, the complete eAssistant software, including project management, open and save options, is then available.

Are the five hours expired, the test account is deactivated automatically. If you want to benefit further from the eAssistant, you may purchase an account. Decide between our time limit accounts or our flat rates.

After checking your login data (registration data), we will activate your account within 24 hours. Registrations with false or incorrect information will be deleted automatically.

Please click here to register for a free test account

The free test account also includes a web meeting to present possibilities and performance of the eAssistant on an individualized basis.

In order to demonstrate the tool, it is possible to discuss your specific cases and to give you answers to your important questions. The web meeting is planned to last 30 to 60 minutes maximum.

To use this service, please make an appointment. (Contact)