Project manager

The eAssistant is integrated into an online working environment. The project manager is the central point and is opened after a successful login. It contains a project management as well as a tree structure to start the several calculation modules. The project manager displays time-based information, such as remaining time for time limit accounts. The project manager includes also the user administration where the user can enter and change personal data (name, company or password, etc.).

To start a calculation module, the user selects a module through the tree structure by double-clicking directly on the module or clicking on the button "New calculation". The module is opened in a new window. Following, the machine element can be dimensioned, calculated or optimized.

The project manager helps to manage all projects and calculation files. Based on an integrated filter function, the project manager allows for the user to assign calculation files to a project. Calculations files can be displayed within a specific module or across modules. Projects and calculation files can be copied, renamed or deleted.

Additional, the eAssistant offers two different possibilities to save calculation files. Once the user has finished a calculation, the calculations can be saved either to the eAssistant server or directly to the users workstation (local saving). The local saving is an option in the project manager and can be activated or deactivated by the user.

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Project management
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