Clamp connections


  • Split hubs
  • Separated hubs
  • Cosinusoidal, uniform or linear surface pressure distribution selectable for separated hubs
  • Calculation according to Roloff/Matek „Maschinenelemente - Normung, Berechnung, Gestaltung“
  • Material database for material selection
  • Determination of permissible surface pressure from material properties or individual input
  • Detailed calculation report in HTML and PDF format


The calculation module allows to dimension and calculate split and separated hubs. The calculation is based on Roloff/Matek Maschinenelemente (17th revised edition 2005).

The geometry, nominal torque, number of bolts, safety against sliding as well as the friction coefficient can be defined, the necessary clamping force is then calculated. The module checks the preload force. Furthermore, the safety (surface pressure) for shaft and hub is determined.

Separated hubs can be calculated either with cosinusoidal, uniform or linear surface distribution.

The module enables the user the convenience to work with extensive material databases. Material properties (e.g., tensile strength, yield stress, kind of material) can be defined individually. The permissible surface pressure is determined from tensile strength and yield stress depending on the kind of material. It is also possible to manually enter tensile strength and yield stress.

The calculation results are determined and displayed during the enter of values. After the calculation is finished, a calculation report can be generated. The report includes all important input values as well detailed results.

The calculation report is available in HTML and PDF format.

Split hub
Separated hub
Calculation report
Selection of material